Hi and welcome! it is so great that you have found my humble informative page about solar power.  My Solar journey so to say started when the electricity prices started to rise a couple of years ago. As my electric bill got larger I started looking for alternatives. After quite some extensive research I finally decided to install some solar panels on my roof.

I figured this would be advantageous for me since I live in a  quite sunny climate. Before I knew it my electric bill shrunk to almost nothing. Quite happy with this result I told  all my friends and family, and I even convinced some of them to get solar power for their own homes. But even those who didn’t want to run off and buy new panels, were very curious about this new environmentally friendly technology. This is where I got to play the great guru since I had done so much research before getting my own solar panels.

After a time I figured, why  should I limit myself to only telling my friends and family about solar? I really think this is a great technology that more people should know about. That is why I started this website. Here I can share my discoveries and experiences of solar power with the world. With a little luck I may even influence someone out there to install solar panels on their roof and by doing that contributing to a greener and cleaner world.