Solar water pumps have established themselves as an answer looking for the next problem to solve. Read on for how they have proved to be the perfect answer for many areas, and for how they may enhance your environment.

Solar water pumps, in the main understanding of the term, are designed to solve problems which otherwise would have only expensive solutions, if any at all. As you would expect, a solar water pump system will pump water using the power of the sun. This simple process, as it has become with current technology, opens the door for a multitude of new applications.

A solar water pumping system includes the pump, some photovoltaic panels to provide the electricity, usually a water storage tank, and some electronics for control. Occasionally batteries will be fitted to store the power for times when the sun doesn’t shine – however, it is easier and cheaper to store more water in a tank than add these, so this isn’t generally used.

water pump

Photo: by John Kasawa

The exciting thing about this technology is that it can be used in any part of the world, and, in developing countries, it can be implemented to dramatically improve the farming and agricultural potential of land in dry climates. Water can be raised from wells hundreds of feet deep without manual labor, which may make all the difference in growing crops for food.

In this country, solar water pump systems have been installed to operate wells in remote areas for livestock watering, where the alternative of an extended electricity supply would have been cost prohibitive; irrigation schemes can be implemented that are not near any electrical utility; even remote farms have benefited from this technology, pumping water for domestic use.

Back closer to home (assuming you don’t live on a farm) you may well consider getting a solar water pump to pump the hot water from a solar heat collector for hot water or heating, thus keeping that system totally solar and totally free.

Nothing adds more atmosphere to a garden than a water feature, and this is the other place that you will want a solar water pump. A rock element, with waterfall, is a beautiful addition to your yard, and if you have a solar water pump, with an optional battery, you can be satisfied that the sound and effect of the trickling water is not costing you a penny for electricity. And don’t forget to add some solar lighting for the full effect!

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