Net metering laws in many countries allow you to sell excess electricity back to the utility company for retail prices – in essence spinning your meter backwards.

With net metering, your electric meter tracks your electricity usage:

It spins forwards when you use electricity from the utility and backwards when your system is generating more electricity than you need. A net meter will be supplied to you as a part of your solar energy system, and is installed and checked by the local utility company.

There is no expiration date on net metering:

So you can be assured of this opportunity for the entire life of your solar energy system.

meter backwards spin

Photo: by digitalart

Net metering increases the value of the electricity produced by your system:

As it allows you to basically “store” the electricity produced and use it at different time than it is produced (produce the energy during the day during peak hours, use it at night or non-peak hours). This gives you more flexibility and maximizes the value of the system’s production.

This is also beneficial in that your solar energy system is producing electricity during peak periods, and it is during this time that your system’s output and efficiency is greatly improved.

Added security:

By being able to interconnect with the utility using their existing utility meter, and being able to interconnect using widely-accepted technical standards – your home will always have electricity as long as the utility is operational

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