You have the option to purchase a system that exceeds your household or business electrical needs, which allows you to sell the excess electricity back to the utility company.

The larger the system you purchase, the more excess electricity you can produce:

There are, however, some limits to the size of the system you purchased – based on your roof size, orientation of the roof (north or south, etc.), and any shading present. By reducing the overall energy load in your house, which we look at with our Energy Efficiency Plan, we reduce the size needed for a system that will produce more electricity than you use.

sell electricty

Photo: by Salvatore Vuono

The less electricity used by the house, the more electricity available to sell:

The utility company must buy back excess electricity – usually up to 20% over your actual usage. When you sell this electricity, you are providing the entire grid clean energy!

As stated above – net metering laws require most utility companies to buy excess electricity produced by your solar electric system at near retail prices, although some only buy back at wholesale prices.

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