Solar energy is an investment that makes sense. Most investments with high return are risky, but not solar panels. The sun will continue to shine and save you money no matter what. Solar panels are under warranty and guaranteed to produce a high output for at least twenty-five years.

It is difficult to estimate the “average” cost of solar panels, because as a customer, you have many options to choose from. People may choose to eliminate all or part of their electric bill. As with most things, the more you buy, the bigger the discount. Solar can be tied into most any home or business regardless of the size of the solar system.


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If you live in an area that is supplied power by Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), they will buy the green energy that you produce at an increased rate. This way, homes and businesses stay on the power grid like you always have and the solar power you produce is sold back to the grid for all to use.

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