Take Advantage of State and Federal Incentives

  • State utility incentives rebate 50-70% of the cost of a Solar Energy System:

The utility company is paying YOU to get Solar – take advantage!


  • Federal incentives give a Tax Credit of 30%:

The US Government is paying YOU to get Solar – take advantage!


  • These incentives drastically lower the price of a Solar Energy System:

To the point where the annual return on investment (ROI) can reach over 30%, which rivals popular investment avenues (stock market, bonds, money market, etc.)



Hedge Against Increasing Energy and Electricity Costs

  • Electricity prices have been increasing at a record rate:

With an average increase of 8.6% annually over the past 5 years in Colorado (Xcel, IEA, CEF, NREL)


  • By Investing in Solar, you Protect Yourself against these Rate Increases:

Looking at recent projections, Colorado (currently $0.115/kWh) could soon reach electricity prices similar to California (up to $0.35/kWh) and potentially move to Time-of-Use pricing, which can reach $0.55/kWh.


  • If you had the opportunity to lock in your gasoline prices right now at $2.00 a gallon for 25 years, would you?

Take advantage of this opportunity to essentially lock in your electricity costs today at a fraction of the cost of your current electricity.


Solar Financial Benefits

Photo: freedigitalphotos.net by ddpavumba

Sell Excess Electricity Back to the Utility Company

  • Net Metering is required by law:

The utility company must purchase any excess electricity you produce.


  • If you choose to buy a large enough system:

You can produce this excess electricity (up to 20% over your regular usage) and create a steady revenue stream for your home or business.


25 Years of Guaranteed Electricity, Up To 50 Years of Production

  • A Solar Panel is often guaranteed for 25 years:

Anything beyond that is truly free electricity, on top of the free electricity that your system will generate after it has paid for itself. And recent evidence in accelerated time studies [RMI] has shown that solar panels can produce electricity for as long as 50 years and beyond, with minimal degradation.

Your System Can Pay for Itself the Day it’s Installed

  • When it comes to home value, a Solar Power System may be your best “remodel option”: Based on a recent study by ICF Consulting (funded by HUD and EPA) energy-saving measures such as solar energy can add $20 of home value for every $1 of yearly cost savings.


  • A study done by the Appraisal Journal also confirms this benefit:

Finding that a $1 reduction in annual energy costs results in a $20 increase in home or business value. The rationale is that the money from the reduction in operation costs (your electricity bill) can be spent on a larger mortgage or business lease with no net change in monthly cost of ownership.


  • This means that a typical 3kW system will increase the value of your home or business by up to $8,500:

While the system, after-rebates and tax credits, costs only around $3,500. This means you are cash positive from day one!

If you buy a system now, you can take advantage of all these benefits while the state and federal government pay for more than three-quarters of the system – how cool is that?

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