The latest innovation that has more campers going green than ever before are the many portable RV solar panels available for use on the road. Anyone who has ever traveled in an RV or camper outfit knows just how much power gets drained from the vehicle battery by using the interior outlets for cooking, lighting or entertainment. By outfitting your vehicle with portable RV solar panels, you can store electricity to use later, just by driving down the road in the sunlight.

What Can Portable RV Solar Panels Be Used For?

One of the biggest hassles that go along with traveling in an RV is that when you park it for the night, you need to do so in a place with power readily available to run appliances and other gadgets or you risk draining the vehicle’s battery or generator. With portable RV solar panels on the other hand, you can have additional power available by letting RV solar panels soak up the sunlight while you travel.

RV solar panels

Photo: Public Domain Karen Arnold

The portable RV solar panels can be used in place of the generator, or in addition to it, and can provide enough power to run lights outside the RV at night, use laptops or mobile devices, or simply recharge batteries in cell phones or flashlights. By not having to be tethered within a campsite with utility poles, your camping experience can be expanded to include more remote areas that would not normally be accessible otherwise.

Portable Motor Home Solar Panels

There are portable RV solar panels available for smaller vehicles that are not typically classified as an RV. These portable motor home solar panels are just as powerful as their larger cousins but can be mounted either permanently or temporarily onto the roof or sides of motor homes with ease. With lightweight frames and durable, waterproof cell arrays, these portable RV solar panels can be charged on the go while traveling and then used at night for electrical power for televisions, radios and laptops. Since not all motor homes come equipped with generators, the introduction of portable RV solar panels to the market has been a godsend for dedicated campers.

Portable Trailer Solar Panels

An overlooked camping market share has always been the popup camper trailer users and by adding portable trailer solar panels, the opportunities for the use of portable RV solar panels have now been tripled in popularity. Smaller than most, these trailers collapse flat while in transit, making them perfect for even a temporary mounting of portable RV solar panels to soak up the sun’s rays while traveling. No more wasted space by packing a portable generator.

Tips for Using RV Solar Panel Kits

Installing RV solar panel kits to any vehicle is fairly easy, if it would best suit your needs. The kits come with panels in a lightweight frame, mounted with either permanent bolts, or by using magnetic clamps that are installed on the roof, which will hold the portable RV solar panels firmly in place while driving.

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