Of all the latest models on the market, flexible portable solar panels have to be the most popular type currently in use. They are lightweight, reliable and can either be folded or rolled up for carrying in a suitcase or backpack. Nearly as thin as a sheet of notebook paper, flexible portable solar panels can store a lot of power within their cells, and recharge fairly quickly.

Flexible Portable Solar Panel Kits

The most popular of all the flexible portable solar panels available on the market today have to be the basic flexible solar panel kits. Consisting of panels made up of thin film cells, the kits also include at least one power inverter, a wire kit, and an array of adapters for charging various electronic components, even standard batteries. Ranging in size from 3 volt to as much as 12 volts, with an output depending on size from 5 to 50 watts of electricity, they are the most affordable of all flexible portable solar panels kits on the market today.

Flexible Mobile Solar Panels

Another distinctive branch of flexible portable solar panels to hit the market recently is the specialized grouping known as flexible mobile solar panels. These can be carried independently, in a backpack for hiking and camping, or can be affixed to vehicles like an RV for alternative power capability outside the home, on the road.

Often in a foldable form, rather than one sheet that can be easily rolled up, these types of flexible portable solar panels offer larger photovoltaic cell sections for easy assembly. They come in 12 volt kits, with additional add-ons to add to the assembly to bring the overall watts it can supply up to 50 watts from the entire unit. All come with at least one power inverter, plus adapters to run most mobile devices and appliances quite easily.

Flexible Travel Solar Panels

Flexible travel solar panels are the ones most often chosen by hikers, backpackers and students who want to carry flexible portal solar panels anywhere they go. Available in thin film mats about the size of a small blanket, these types of flexible portable solar panels can be easily rolled up to store in a backpack, yet are rigid enough to be bent at angles to catch the sun’s rays if necessary.

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Easily stretched out on the ground or hung from a tree to charge, these flexible portable solar panels come standard with wire kits and power inverters that have a minimal output of 3 volts and a maximum of 12 volts, with power output capabilities of up to 50 watts, depending on how many units are hooked together.

Flexible Personal Solar Panels

Also known as consumer ready sections, the flexible personal solar panels come in either the roll able or folding forms. Each unit comes with the basic wiring kit and power inverter, plus additional options like adapters for cell phones and other mobile devices are available. Most often, these types of flexible portable solar panels are used to recharge laptops while in use or to recharge basic batteries for mobile devices like MP3 players.

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